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Hristo Vitchev Quartet

Sunday, May 12, 2013 - 4:00PM

Alvas Showroom
1417 W 8th St , CA
San Pedro, CA 90732
(310) 519-1314
Website: Alvas Showroom


Hristo Vitchev ~ guitarist
Weber Iago ~ piano
Dan Robbins ~ bass
Mike Shannon ~ drums

HRISTO VITCHEV QUARTET – “Familiar Fields Tour” featuring...

Bulgarian modern Jazz Guitarist/Composer Hristo Vitchev presents the music from his latest and critically acclaimed quartet session "Familiar Fields" with Brazilian piano sensation and Latin Grammy Nominee Weber Iago, virtuoso bassist Dan Robbins, and drummer extraordinaire Mike Shannon!
This is one of the most culturally diverse and unique ensembles and the music they create surpasses any genres and boundaries.

"Familiar Fields" marks Hristo Vitchev's 5th studio recording as a leader. The music presented in this session clearly displays the multidimensional tonal evolution of the band and each one of its individual members. The addition of drummer extraordinaire Mike Shannon to the quartet establishes a portal to new sonic landscapes and emotions to be explored in this collection of 9 original pieces by Vitchev. The music, which takes the listener through the realms of impressionistic, classical, jazz, experimental, and new age, always retains the unique sonic footprint that has brought critical acclaim to the quartet all over the world.




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